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(About half of the people who came to Nebraska under the Homestead Act managed to stick it out.) The high plains of western Nebraska were particularly rough country, and, to hold on to what was theirs, Martin’s ancestors survived a drought in 1892, a plague of grasshoppers in 1904, and a prairie fire in 1905. The descendants in Martin’s line still own some four hundred acres, half their original portion of the land.Martin was born in 1966 and grew up in Denver, where his mother had moved as an adult.“I thought it would be neat if I graduated from high school in the year 2000,” he said with convincing modesty, “but if I don’t—well, what the heck? “Each of us knew what the other two were feeling at all times.We would have known if something was wrong.”Martin’s maternal forebears came to Nebraska from Illinois by covered wagon in the eighteen-eighties, and received free land from the government near Venango, in Perkins County, on the condition that they stay for five years.So he did the last two years’ worth of classes in seven months, going at it twelve hours a day, six days a week.”Brandenn went on to take piano lessons through Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, two hundred and fifty miles away.In 2004, he recorded and released a CD of his own compositions, New Age-style washes of chords and arpeggios, entitled “Elements.” In January, 2005, he enrolled in an introductory biology class at Mid-Plains Community College, in North Platte, Nebraska, the first step on an intended path to medical school. Brandenn was handsome and gangly, with blue eyes and curly auburn hair that in the final year of his life he had allowed to grow past his shoulders.Patti pointed out five perfume bottles that were for Brandenn’s ashes; they were made of red glass and had pewter screw tops. He had left no note, and they hadn’t seen any warning signs. He hadn’t suffered a breakup, or endured a personal rejection. In fact, Patti said, he’d just added to what he called his “unfinished list”: he was selling some old Nintendo games on e Bay in order to buy a Play Station 2 console.

Their son had killed himself with a single shot to the head from a .22calibre rifle.In junior high school, he was briefly placed in a pilot gifted program, but he didn’t take to it or to the other children, and he was a C student through high school.He took classes in agronomy and business at a local college, but didn’t get a degree. “I came to my grandparents’ place for a summer and never went back.”He met Patti in 1989, when she asked him to audition for a bit part in a production of “Grease” that she was directing for a local community-theatre troupe.“We didn’t want him to feel like he had to hide his gifts,” Patti explained.“But we were very careful to protect him from doing too much media.” When he was four, he appeared on “Real Life,” a nationally syndicated show (“Meet the next Doogie Howser”).

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