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HELL ON WHEELS Director: Pepe Danquart Stars Erik Zabel, Rolf Aldag, Andreas Kloden Rated PG Screening Now Pepe Danquart has a tip for anyone who wants to make a film about sport. "I had never been to a cycling race," says Danquart, the writer-director of an eye-opening doco about the Tour de France called Hell On Wheels. I was just asked to do the movie by the head of a German TV and cinema firm, because I had first done a movie about ice hockey, which was a tremendous success here." Back in 2000 when Danquart embarked on Heimspiel (Home Game), he wasn't much of an ice hockey fan, either.

"I'd never been in an ice-hockey stadium before I did that," he says.

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Hell on Wheels shows all the agony of the Tour de France.

In the riders' suffering, he says, there is courage, stamina, loyalty, modesty and love. "It's beautiful." To properly explore this suffering, Danquart needed to establish a profound level of trust with his team.

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"So I was working for two years to get all the permission I needed and to get all the trust of the riders.

The year before I filmed I went to the Tour and kept a diary. I had little finger cameras implanted in cars, endoscopic medical cameras ...

"The last movies I know about the Tour de France were done in the '60s," he says. At first it was extremely difficult to get permission.

Getting accreditation is like getting a ticket for the first row on Oscar night, and we wanted 20, because I had six cameras and teams.

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