Dating navy pea coat

We’re not sure what it is, but getting them wrong could start you off on a bad foot – literally.

If there’s one thing to remember with footwear – and with all aspects of your first date outfit, for that matter – is to keep it classic.

Alternatively, loosely layer the Oxford shirt over a grey T-shirt and throw on some rolled up navy chinos if the first date activities are more casual.

Whether you’re dating in the height of summer or in the middle of the bleak mid-winter, a jacket is an excellent and easy way to bring an outfit together, while showing your date you know what you’re doing in the clothing department.

Alternatively, a pair of navy slim fit chinos are a timeless option when worn with a simple sweat and some fresh canvas trainers.

As we’ve mentioned already, men’s shoes are a big deal for the opposite sex.

Stay clear of flashy rings, necklaces and bracelets as you’ll find your date spends more time looking at them and less time listening to you.

This slightly full-cut pea coat will bring a sharp, on-trend feel to your autumn outfits.

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