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Currently, to order a methodic from an Author, for example, to create an application, an Entrepreneur needs to undergo a number of bureaucratic procedures and pay taxes, and due to that, the cost of a methodic grows many-fold.

A person who wants to sponsor an Author of a methodic also needs to go through bureaucratic procedures, and in case he/she and an Author are in different countries, their cooperation becomes not promising at all.

There are two big global trends based on which we assess prospects of the project as high.

Firstly, the main trend in self-improvement industry that grows by 6% per year in the US and makes bln is a reorientation to digital services and mobile applications.

We are now looking for the ways to change key milestones in roadmap in order to optimise our efforts.Human Discovery Platform solves this problem: the system will unite Authors of methodics and create a civilized environment that will allow proving and verification a methodic.Each use of a method-block will create a record in blockchain-network about incoming and outgoing data without connection with a user's personal data.Decentralization ensures independence from any decision-making center.Pros for Authors of methodics is that their work on collecting data and its interpretations that sometimes lasts for years will not be lost due to the fact that some service is closed.

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